Canna Road Residence by Ray Kappe Architect

The Canna Road Residence is a dwelling place which originally build by a California-based architect Ray Kappe. A few yeras ago Michael LaFetra touched up the house and now it has been sold at $4,495,000.

02 Canna Road Residence - Wooden Architecture design

03 Canna Road Residence - Swimming Pool Overloking Forest

05 Canna Road Residence - Dining Room Interior Design

06 Canna Road Residence - Sofa Lounge Overlooking Forest

07 Canna Road Residence - Open Spae Bathrom Design

08 Canna Road Residence - Seating Design

09 Canna Road Residence - Minibar Interior design

10 Canna Road Residence - Lounge Seating Design

Crafted of wood and glass material,the Canna Road Residence consists of a stunning living room, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathroom including a full floor master with roof deck, a conventionally minimalist dining room and a freshly refurbished kitchen.

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