Contemporary House Design in Antwerp by Britt Crepain & Stefan Spaens

A couple of architects from CSD Architecten have completed a contemporary home design dedicated for themself. The house is located on a very small plot of land (4x15m) in a narrow street in the Center of Antwerp, back facade facing south.

Stef Britt Exterior Glass Doors

Stef Britt Interior Paint Colors

Stef Britt Bedroom Interior Lighting Design

Stef Britt Interior Stair Design

Stef Britt Interior Mini Library

The split-levels bring the light from the south through the house; a lot more than with a normal racking of floors that most houses have. Sunlight comes through everywhere, especially in wintertime when the sun is low. In summer top windows can be opened and give a natural ventilation through the void and the opening to the roof-terrace.

Interior Stair Railings

Stef Britt Interior Stairs

Warm and Minimalist Living Room Interior

Most of the interior furniture designed by Britt Crepain and built completely integrated functional and esthetically in the architecture.

Photography by Luc Roymans

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  1. vinesh reddy says:

    I liked this concept of your home,its come up with great and fine architecture.
    can you please mail me the blue print of this house,as i have a plan of constructing home for my living in mere future,if you could help me it would be a great favor.
    Hope you fulfill the needy!!

  2. Amit says:

    I caught myeslf smiling and saying the words out loud, Oooo I love it , when I saw the picture with the flowers behind the groom’s back!! love the balloons too there are always fresh new ideas in your photos!!

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