Concrete Made Summer House in Mar Azul – Costa Esmeralda House by BAK Arquitectos

Concrete houses used to look dull, straight and static. However, creative folks from BAK Arquitectos dedicated their mind and ideas to put more aesthetics to a summer house in Mar Azul, Costa Esmeralda, Argentina. Built with two rooms and an additional sporadic-use third room, the summer house project looks on how to capitalize the difference in level between the street and within the lot.

BAK Arch Setting Up the House Lighting

BAK Arch Concrete Solid Foundation Structure

Different levels of house is gained by designing the house in two volumes perpendicularly intersecting in “L” shape. This allows residents to have more privacy to the volume that contains the private uses of the house by resting over the level of the lot and placing it perpendicular to the front.

BAK Arch Stairs Exterior on the House Entrance

BAK Arch Contemporary House with Open Space Design

BAK Arch Bushes and Greens Outside the House

BAK Arch Concrete Exterior Structure

BAK Arch Open Space House Concept

BAK Arch Grass Frontyard Photo

The higher volume, of public use, is settled beside the front line taking advantage of the acacia trees that provide privacy and allow the enjoyment of the far views into the wilderness environment, in turn its elevated position sought to provide the house some presence from the street leaning out slightly above the level of the acacias. This volume was generated as an elongated prism, supported at one end over the volume of the bedrooms.

BAK Arch Exterior Stairs on the Front House

BAK Arch Exterior Stairs without Railings

BAK Arch Underneath the Exterior Stairs without Railings

BAK Arch Thin House Staircase Dimensions

BAK Arch Roof Concrete Block

BAK Arch Spacious Interior Design

BAK Arch Balcony View from Second Floor

At the opposite end rests on a blind lateral wall on which, in the lower level, the grill was located taking advantage of the partially covered generated as flexible use space serving both for storing of two cars as for preparation and enjoyment of the classic roast. This space is protected from external visuals in part by the difference of level and in part by the abundance of acacias on the front of the lot, so that there can easily develop all kinds of activities.

BAK Arch Dividing Inside and Outside of the House

BAK Arch Living Room Area of Concrete Walls

BAK Arch Dining Table for Family

BAK Arch Dining Table for Family made from Wood

BAK Arch Wooden Air Ventilation on Outdoor

BAK Arch Exposed Concrete Wall Structure on Indoor

BAK Arch Dining Table Furniture Design

BAK Arch Unique Wooden Made Air Ventilation System

BAK Arch Living and Dining Room in One

BAK Arch Bathroom Bathtub

BAK Arch Kitchen Area with Kitchen Sink Installed

BAK Archs Bedroom Spacious Interior

BAK Arch Interior Stairs View

BAK Archs Bathroom Sink Interior Furniture

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