Luxury Ranch-styled Fawcett House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Located on a 80 acre farmland in Los Banos, California, architect Frank Lloyd Wright has designed a house for Randall and Harriet Fawcett. It’s a chic modern house with contemporary fashion interior style. The house which surrently open for sale consists of six bedrooms, four and a half baths, dining, kitchen, a walk-in living room fireplace, a three-car carport and even a Japanese garden with a Koi pond and waterfall.

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The house was built upon a romantic love story between Randall and Harriet Fawcett, as told on the website: The Fawcett House: A Memoir.

Randall and Harriet Fawcett had been introduced to Frank Lloyd Wright while taking an architecture class together, as undergraduates at Stanford University. Randall had worked all of his life outdoors and saw a kindred spirit in Wright. His buildings seemed to embody all of Randall’s beliefs about the human relationship with nature. Harriet had fallen in love with Randall, in part because each day he placed a few fresh flowers in his dormitory room. Ten years later, they met with Wright.

Their house would be built on the Fawcett family ranch five miles south of Los Banos, in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. A delay of a few years in no way dampened their enthusiasm, and in 1959, they began construction, a process that eventually took two years. They raised a family of four in the house, and both lived in it until their deaths.


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    three-car carport and even a Japanese garden with a Koi pond and waterfall.

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