Minimalist Small Two Storey Home in London – Faceted House 1 by Paul McAneary Architects

Located on Hammersmith, London, Paul McAneary Architects has recently completed the Faceted House 1 remodeling project. The given brief was to remodel and extend the three bedroom story house that was in a decrepit state and in need of considerable refurbishment and modernization.

Faceted House Minimalist House Design Exterior

Contemporary house design and the garden remodel to be perceived as a part of the domestic interior are what the simple brief that Paul responded by demolishing the existing 1980′s rear extension to the property that was crumbling and dilapidated. The new extension is added by a clean and clearly defined line to the rear that respects its heritage and gives the house a unique, uniform aesthetic. The sculptural facade is visually striking and elegant at the same time.

Faceted House Minimalist Home Architecture

Faceted House Dining Table Interior

As the brief added with a clutter-free and practical house, Paul McAneary decided to give a new concept storage wall: a simple multi-purpose solution made of economical Ikea carcasses for the interior, and high quality lacquered handle-less doors for the outer surface. They designed a concealed cupboard at the end of the kitchen bench top which carefully hides the toaster, kettle and all the other kitchen clutter in the same way that the WC and utility cupboard design solutions hide away these occasional functions.

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