Modern Source Flagship Store Interior Design by HUGE Architects

Shanghai based design firm HUGE Architects has recently designed the Source Flagship store in Beijing China. Established in Shanghai in 2006, the Source is a one-stop street fashion retailer center for brands from the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Australia and Japan.

02 Source Flagship Store Big Cube Architecture

03 Source Flagship Store Interior Floor Lighting

05 Source Flagship Store Architecture

06 Source Flagship Store Storage Design

07 Source Flagship Store

08 Source Flagship Store

The design of the overall racking system is based on a fashion warehouse distribution centre where racking can be easily manually moved around on skids. Some skids are also used for displaying artwork during exhibitions held in the store. The wall display pieces are also modular which can also clamp onto the metal mesh wall grid structure, which allows for total flexibility regarding visual merchandising. Via

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