Muted Minimalist House in Jakarta by Aboday Architects

Muted House Aboday Architects

Jakarta-based firm Aboday Architects have completed a minimalist house design in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Indonesia. The client’s brief was to create an ideal house for a household with 3 grown up children, which located on a site that next to a busy connecting streets especially during the office peak hour.

02 Muted House Aboday - Backyard Area ith Swimming Pool

03 Muted House Aboday - Entrance Gate Exterior

A children playground and activity space is the basic need on this project. As the front yard is lacked as an activity site, the inside part was developed to accomodate the playground. The architect split the house into 2 main blocks to create a space for playground. The gap of 4.5 meter between these 2 blocks resulting in a lofty voids of 12 meter in heights, above the 3 meter width ‘bridge’ connecting the 2 separate blocks. This bridge, overlooking the dining room below, is an airy and bright space that connects the pantry to the children’s room which seen itself as a floating playground.

05 Muted House Aboday - Bedroom at Upper Floor Minimalist Window Design

06 Muted House Aboday - Upper Floor Railing

07 Muted House Aboday - Upper Level Interior House Design

08 Muted House Aboday - Large Windows Doors on Bedroom Design

The high ceiling itself prove very useful to generate air movement, eliminating unecessary use of Air Condition system. With an internal window open from all bedrooms to the central lofty voids, the principal of borrowing space is fully utilized here, to create a visually larger bedrooms for the family. During the day, children will fill this internal space with activities and laughter, while at night the lofty ceiling helps to regulate fresh air, reducing Jakarta’s warm and balmy weather.

09 Muted House Aboday - Modern Minimalist Design

Muted House Staircase Design With no Railing

Muted House Aboday Door To The Backyard

Muted House Living Room Overlooking Swimming Pool

The tapered site filled with rectangular form of the house, resulting in a residual space in front of an open family room. This space is rather wide nearing the end of the site, enough to fit in a 2 meter width plunge pool for the children. This 1 meter depth pool with blue mosaic internal wall and overflow water toward its 12 mm tempered glass wall perimeter, creates a shooting ambient for the rooms next to it.

House Minimalist Two Storey House Design

Muted House Two Level Storey Minimalist Interior Design

Muted House Aboday - Map Location

Minimalist House Section Layout

The rear block, 1 storey higher than the front block, containing a full 2 storey master bedroom. The window of this master bedroom overlook the small alley behind the site with a view of Central Business District as it main attraction. The chamfered edge at the peak of its slopping ceiling eliminating edges on its surface, creating a visually larger and brighter space. Via

Architect: Aboday Architects

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Main Contractor: PT. Batu Kali
Site area: 260 sqm
Built up Area: 300 sqm
Photography by Happy Lim

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    I like the design, I have a studio apt in Jkt, at Thamrin Executive, will be finished by early 2012, I need a minimalist design for it, please contact me, thank you

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    I really like the simplicity of the house.

    Soon I will be remodeling a large house next year.

    Right now, I am finishing up remodeling a house.

    For now, can you tell me the name of the tree that is located on the right side of picture #2?

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