Playful Warsaw Apartment Interior Design by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Playful is the keyword whom Widawscy Studio Architektury wanted to apply to this apartment interior in Warsaw, Poland. With their smart addition, the playfulness are exploited to its edge but keep the entire atmosphere far from crowded.

Widawscy Apartment nside Parquet Flooring Installation

Widawscy Apartment Kitchen Side Facing the Livingroom Area

Widawscy Apartment Livingroom Minimalist Sofa Furniture

Color palette seems to play a big role in this design. They construct the space by applying simple minimalist furniture shapes with friendly colors like a grey sofa with yellow edges marries. The bold stripes adorning the livingroom wall is interrupted by the placement of a long white console.

Widawscy Apartment Livingroom Minimalist Furnitures

Widawscy Apartment Kitchen Interior Wallpaper design

Widawscy Apartment Kitchen Area Wallpaper Decoration

Widawscy Apartment Kitchen and Food Preparation Area

Widawscy Apartment Dining Table with Colorful Pendant Lighting

Reflection is also used to enhance the interior ambience. Office corner storage spaces reflect the light from the glazed terrace door, heighten the bold spaces created inside, as well as the hallway huge mirror that reflects the green border.

Widawscy Apartment Interior Wallpaper Decoration Designs

Widawscy Apartment Bedroom White Minimalist Interior

Widawscy Apartment Side Table Furniture in Bedroom

Widawscy Apartment White Minimalist Baby Room Interior

Widawscy Apartment Kids Bedroom Interior Decoration

The only neutral area in this apartment is the bedroom which is painted only in white. Colorless in other words. The color once again plays in the bathroom where green dominates the scheme with blue as the monotone breaker.

Widawscy Apartment Bathroom White and Green Color Combination

Widawscy Apartment Bathroom Tiles Installation

Widawscy Apartment Bathroom Green Theme Interior

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    Nicely decorated interior house and it’s looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing nice interior Ideas.

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