Contemporary Sydney House in Queen’s Park by Fox Johnston

Being in this beautiful house in Queens Park, Sydney could be one of your dreams. The contemporary building clad in timber has its benefits from a larga north-east facing site which utilises the sunlight to lit all parts of the house.

Queens Park Sliding Windows

Queens Park Cantilevering Roof

Queens Park Mini Bar at the Kitchen View

House Plan and Structure

The contemporary house project response involves grafting a two level folded volume onto the rear of the existing shell, which is a parents retreat and study on the first floor. The living area is performed generously on the ground floor. A central courtyard infixed between old and new provides relief and allows light and breezes permeate. This living areas are open onto a lush rear garden.

Queens Park Mini Bar at the Kitchen

Queens Park Staircases to the Second Level

Queens Park Ground Floor Plan

Queens Park Upper Floor Plan

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