Tafoni Floating Home Concept Design by Joanna Borek Clement

Tafoni Floating Home was developed by designer Joanna Borek Clement for the houseboat district of Sausalito, California. The project aimed to change the people’s attitudes of living on a houseboat.

Tafoni Floating Home Interior Deign Concept

Simplicity and minimalist design was the basic ideas used in developing the houseboat project. In plan view the sculptural tafoni-inspired exterior and interior feature walls divide the space into three major parts: kitchen, living area and bedroom/ bathroom/closet area.

Tafoni Floating Home Modern Concept

The houseboat design is divided into three parts, each of them hosts certain function. The front part is occupied by a living room, and the back part hosts a bedroom. The middle part consists of a fully glazed sunroom that contains the kitchen, dining are and the main entrance to the boat. The framing of the houseboat consists of the modular repetitive ellipsoidal wooden trusses that can be mass-produced to conserve resources and energy. Via

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