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Elevated House Structure Oakpass Residence in Beverly Hills, California by Heusch Architecture

Amongst the lovely oak trees, a levitating-like architecture is sitting beautifully on a hillside in Beverly Hills, California. As the surrounding vegetations named, the Oakpass Residence should be the perfect identity for this box-shaped house architecture.

Oakpass House Elevating Box-shaped House Design

Volume B Store Modern Architecture Design by Marcio Kogan

Brazilian well-known architect Marcio Kogan has completed a project for the retail furniture store Vitra located in São Paulo. The idea on developing the project was applying the materials in their extreme condition such as visible concrete executed without any … Continue reading

01 Volume B Store - Modern Architecture

Architectural Design of Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

The Austrian firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects has completed the Porsche Museum located in Stuttgart, Germany. It opened to public as the 31st of January this year. Now, everyone can drool freely at the monolithic car cathedral of the Porsche … Continue reading

Architectural Design of Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Waterside Canal Apartment: Split Level Concept by Foster and Partner

The eye-catching part of this modern apartment design is the ship snout shaped. Arranged in pairs of split-level section apartments one above the other, each level entered from a mid-level access gallery.

Waterside Apartment Split Level Concept