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Casa Mar Azul Minimalist House in the Forest by BAK Arquitectos

Located 12 km south if Villa Gesell, Argentinian firm BAK arquitectos have completed a minimalist seaside resort on the coast of Buenos Aires. The location have a splendid scenery of the extensive beach of dunes and lush virgin forest of … Continue reading

01 Casa Mar Azul - Exterior Lighting Ideas

Timber Constructed E_3 Apartment Building in Berlin by Kaden Klingbeil Architekten

Usually, most of apartments and other multi-storey buildings are made of concrete. However, a team of architects from Kaden Klingbeil Architekten have took a challenge to built this apartment in Prenzlauer Berg – Berlin from timber.

03 E_3 Housing - Modern Architecture

William Smith Building Modern Architecture by Pick Everard

Architect Pick Everard has completed an architecture project for British Geological Survey. The site which called William Smith Building is using all natural materials and timber supported TermoDeck system, which is the first of being used in the United Kingdom.

William Smith Building Modern Architecture

Boxhome Small House Project by Rintala Eggertsson

Due to the ever-changing weather, all residential buildings in the north area have to be constructed in an advanced way. In Oslo, Norway, architect Rintala Eggertsson started a residential project which occupied 19 square meters area. It called the Boxhome.

Small House Design Boxhome Project