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Old Swedish House Design with Contemporary Touch – Spröjs House in Sweden by Visiondivision

Architecture firm Visiondivision delivered an example how traditional home design can be combined with modern architecture style. The client wanted to have the typical old Swedish red houses with mullion windows (which is called spröjs in Swedish), that includes a … Continue reading

Sprojs House Exterior Paint Color Scheme

Modern Wood Patchwork Summer House Design by Peter Kostelov

Located in Tverskaya, Russia, architect Peter Kostelov has completed a riverside summer house which overlooks the Volga river. Called Wood Patchwork House, the building has a surface divided into rectangles and clad in an assortment of wooden slats painted in … Continue reading

01 Moscow Wood House - Contemporary Home Design

Farewell Chapel Architecture Design by OFIS Architects

Located in a village near the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, architect firm OFIS Architects has completed the Farewell Chapel which existed next to the existing graveyard. Being cut into the rising landscape, the chapel’s shape is following the lines of … Continue reading

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