The Avenue Contemporary House Project in Melbourne, Australia by Neil Architecture

This Neil Architecture house project concept design was formulated as a reaction to the challenge of putting in two houses on a single block in an established suburban street without the omnipresent symmetrically garaged frontage in homage to the car.

Avenue House Front Architecture Design

Avenue House Exterior Cantilevering Profile

As an act of this persisting model, the project attempted to supply a high quality infill development as a small and discerning discerning to the streetscape. The key element in the development of the concept is the drove earth wall, which does at once as a party wall and boundary symbol, and as an anchor grounding the homes and keeping them in the landscape.

Avenue House Patio Wooden Floor Installation

Avenue House Wooden Exterior Floor Installation

Avenue House Dining Table Furniture

One of the primary objectives was the development of a sensitive typology for urban consolidation in what is an established outer suburban fringe setting. The lack of determining limit elements along the street maintains the original landscape characteristics and serves to merge the streetscape visual aspect and reward the prevailing neighbourhood quality.

Avenue House Comfortable Sofa for Living Room Interior

Avenue House Wooden Corridor Interiors

Avenue House Minimalist Kitchen Setting

Avenue House Kitchen Interior Furnishings

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